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We produce and perform insulation according to the highest professional standards.

Insulation of steam heating and hot water pipes

  • tanks, fuel oil pipes, steam pipes, hot water pipes, tanks, insulation of elbows, valves etc.
  • prevention of heat loss
This kind of insulation is carried out with following materials:
  • Mineral wool, pads in foil or rabbit nets, thickness 30-200mm,
  • Supporting reinforced structure fixed with screws or pop rivets,
  • Protective sheaths are made of aluminum sheets, galvanized painted sheets (as requested) or pro chrome,
  • Possibility of making tanks of aluminum sheets, galvanized or painted sheets and plasticized sheets

Cold insulation

We carry out the following types of insulation:
  • glycol piping
  • ammonia pipes, glycol and ammonia tanks
  • valves and elbows insulation
  • insulation thickness 30-200 mm
  • compressors mounted in engine rooms and piping to aluminum evaporators thickness 0.8 m or other sheets as requested and of pro chrome as well
  • mechanical filling with polyurethane foam weight 38-40 kg/m
Insulation is installed at all facilities of meat industry, cold stores, breweries and other plants which need such kind of insulation.

ARMAFLEX Insulation

ARMAFLEX is a highly flexible insulating material with a closed cell structure with a high coefficient of resistance to water vapor diffusion and low thermal conductivity.

It is used for the insulation / protection of pipelines, air ducts, tanks (including elbows, couplings, flanges, etc.) of air conditioning, refrigeration and process equipment for the purpose of preventing condensation and saving energy as well as insulating pipelines in sanitary and heating applications.

ARMAFLEX insulation for pipes at -10°C is performed by using pipes, panels or similar material depending on temperature requirements.

Installation of insulating panels

Installation of insulating panels
  • Installation of baseboards and doors in cold rooms of all sizes
  • Installation of roof panels or profiled sheet and skirting

Air condition system pipes

(Protection against condensation and corrosion) Ventilation ducts are insulated by using:
  • Mineral wool,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Aluminum sheets,
  • Armaflex panels (K-Flex self-adhesive panels),
  • Other similar materials as required.

Reference list

Over the course of 47 years, we have cooperated with all major entities in Croatia and the region.
  • Panonska nova pivovara - Koprivnica
  • Zagrebačka pivovara - Zagreb
  • Karlovačka pivovara
  • Tuzlanska pivovara
  • Daruvarska pivovara
  • Sarajevska pivovara
  • Pivovara Laško
  • Pivovara Union - Ljubljana
  • Pivovara Split
  • Dukat -Zagreb
  • Ledo - tvornica sladoleda Zagreb
  • Vindija - Varaždin i Slavonski Brod
  • Sirela Bjelovar - proizvodanja sira
  • Sarajevska mljekara
  • Splitska mljekara
  • Riječka mljekara
  • Sappit - mljekara Posušje
  • Ledo Čitluk - tvornica sladoleda
  • Sirela Bjelovar - Split
  • Zdenka - Veliki Zdenci
  • Sljeme Zagreb
  • Puris Pazin
  • Koka - Varaždin
  • PIK Vrbovec - Vrbovec
  • PIPO V.S. Čakovec
  • Vajda - Čakovec
  • Akova Sarajevo
  • Belje - Osijek
  • IBIDA - Daruvar
  • PPK - Karlovac
  • Sardina Postire - Brač
  • Mesna industrija Rijeka
  • Perutnina Ptuj
  • Merx - Celje
  • Merkator - Ljubljana
  • Energoinvest - Sarajevo
  • Jedinstvo - Zagreb
  • Jedinstvo - Garešnica
  • EHO - Laško
  • Prigorac - Sesvete
  • Pliva - Zagreb
  • Porečka rivijera Poreč
  • Veletržnica Žitnjak
  • Varteks Varaždin
  • Drvna industrija Otočac
  • Razvitak Metković
  • Herbos Sisak
  • Badel 1862 - Zagreb
  • Badel 1862 - vinski podrum - Daruvar
  • Podravka Studenac - Lipik
  • Vitaminka - Banja Luka
  • Jana
  • Kraš - Zagreb
  • Podravka Koprivnica
  • Zvijezda d.d. - Zagreb
  • Zvečevo - Požega
  • Lipovac d.d. - Lipovac
  • Agrokor Zagreb
  • Hladnjače jabuka Jelkovec-Sesvete
  • Fermopromet - Zagreb
  • Jarunska tržnica
  • Ekon - Zlatar Bistrica
  • Jasenje - Slavonski Brod

About us

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CEPELIN d.o.o., for insulation, installation and services, Zagreb is a PLC which has been present on the Croatian and former Yugoslavia states market for more than #YEARS# years.

In 1991 it was registered as a Limited Liability Company for insulation, installation and services harmonized with the Companies Act.

Its main activity is fabrication and installation of insulation on all kinds of pipelines and tanks made of mineral wool or polyurethane foam covered with aluminum or chrome plated steel sheeting, and other processing and thermal technology devices. It also carries out works on installation of insulation panels and profiled sheets.

Cepelin d.o.o.
Nova Cesta 70, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 95 1999 919
Fax: +385 1 3644 066
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